What IS hair bonding anyway?

Hello my dear hair sister!

Since you landed on this website, you probably know by now that it is about hair bonding option for female hair loss. But even if you do not know much, this what this is all about so read on!

Hair replacement, hair system, bonded topper, non surgical hair loss solution, prosthesis, toupee...These are only a few names in the industry for the basically same thing - hair piece you put on top of your head in place where your crappy hair was, attaching it with glue or tape for extended time and wear it 24/7 (hence the name of this website).

When we first mention hair replacement, in your mind you might have a picture of the old outdated toupees that were only the beginnings of hair replacement for men. But fortunate for us, the systems have gone the long way since then!

Hair systems have had their own revolution and for most cases today - you wouldn't even know you were looking at one in front of your eyes. This is how good they have become.

As a woman, you still might associate hair replacement with men, but you might be surprised how many women today are using this solution for their hair loss.

The reason why you don’t hear much about it is because women are usually very sensitive to openly talk about their hair loss - as still to this day, it doesn’t feel right for women to lose their crown. Even men are rarely openly talking about it so it is no surprise you might have not been aware of this solution for your hair loss.

Fine, we found out hair replacement is a viable solution for women hair loss and can significantly improve the life quality of affected women. But what is it exactly?

It is a semi permanent solution for hair loss, where you attach a custom made topper according to your liking or stock topper directly to your scalp with a tape or glue which provides you with a worry free 24/7 hair for up to week to several weeks.

This type of hair replacement is one of the most natural and undetectable methods of human hair replacement and offers the most flexibility for active lifestyles. They sit flush to the scalp and are virtually undetectable to sight and touch.

It is a great solution for advanced hair loss which does not seem to recover, when you tried everything and are sick of wishing for your hair to come back. It is for those who accepted their hair loss as just want to have nice hair, once again, take control and move on with their life. It requires trimming down your bio hair in areas where you will attach the hair system down.

What are the features of a bonded topper?


Hair replacement systems are NOT wigs. Their only similarity is that they conceal hair loss. Hair systems are made with human hair, which is hand-woven onto a micro-thin base material of choice: lace, skin or monofilament. The seamless base materials are fully breathable and are bonded to your scalp using suitable adhesive, not clips, tabs or beads.


Wigs can be hot and itchy, hair systems most certainly are not. They’re feather-light and once bonded correctly, you won’t be able to feel a thing. Furthermore, they’re breathable, especially lace hair systems.


If the topper is made with proper instruction to match your bio hair as much as possible in terms of color, density and length - it will make the natural appearance, especially in the front.

If you utilize your bio front hairline to lay topper just behind it - it will be almost impossible to tell that is not your bio hair.

This makes a life a lot easier compared to front lace wigs where every detail is very visible and craftmanship of the hair piece needs to be spot on.

This gives you more room to perfect your craft of bonding as it doesn't need to be perfect from the very beginning.


As the bonded topper is mainly on the top of your head, you will be more than able to wear your hair in the ponytail. You will be utilizing your bio hair on the sides and back to make this effortless compared to wigs.


One of the main benefits of bonded toppers is the freedom it provides when it comes to being active and just living your life as before hair loss.

It will require maintenance every few weeks, but the trade off is worth it for most people, especially if you learn how to DIY and avoid salons.

When wearing bonded topper, you do come the closest to your normal hair - you sleep, shower, workout, have intimate life with it. It truly becomes a part of you.


Hair systems will not cause any discomfort, unless you are allergic specifically to the ingredients in the adhesives. 3M Clear (hypoallergenic tape) and a white water-based adhesive such as Ghost-Bond are suitable choices, if you do have a sensitive scalp.

Irritation can easily be prevented with removing and cleaning your scalp and hair system regularly.

Also, scalp protectant is also a good choice IF you get any sensitivity to adhesives.


Maybe the most empowering step is actually taking action steps towards your hair loss solution and moving on. Just by action on it, however confusing and heartbreaking to trim your bio hair down can be, you will face the relief of entering a new era of your life.

For a lot of people that was the turning point where they actually start enjoying life again and don't think about the hair loss. You will think about what hairstyle to wear instead of how to hide the hair loss.

Not only will this make you feel bada**, but it will transcend to other areas of your life.

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